Hedge Fund Books

The Hedge Fund Group and Richard Wilson have released a series of educational books and e-books to help hedge fund professionals evolve within the areas of hedge fund basics, hedge fund fundamentals, starting a hedge fund, working with family offices, and prime brokerage.

Hedge Fund Training ManualHedge Fund Training Manual: After having our hedge fund e-book downloaded over 70,000 times our latest book was published by Wiley and is called, The Hedge Fund Book: A Training Manual for Professionals & Capital Raising Executives. To write this book Richard Wilson interviewed 20+ hedge fund veterans and included the transcripts from these interviews within this book along with his own inserts of checklists, best practices, commentary, and over 25 educational video modules as well. To purchase this book please click here

Start A Hedge FundStart A Hedge Fund Now (E-Book): While we provide more hedge fund managers with capital raising advice than any other type we do get a lot of hedge fund operations, business, and startup questions as well. This has lead to us writing an e-book whcih contains well over $1,000 worth of our consulting advice but costs just $17 to purchase. This e-book is called Start A Hedge Fund Now and may be purchased at StartAHedgeFundNow.com.

Family Office BookFamily Office Report (E-Book): Our firm runs a 10,000+ person networking association in the family office industry, this association is called the Family Offices Group. Through raising capital from family offices, consulting directly with them, and running the Family Offices Group and its related blog we have learned about what challenges they face and how they like to be worked with. Through this we have developed a new site, FamilyOffices.com and we now offer a free report there called the Family Office Report

Prime Brokerage BookPrime Brokerage Book: Our team has been consulting within the prime brokerage space for a few years now helping $100M+ hedge funds upgrade from mini prime brokers to multi-prime brokerage solutions which involve superior reporting, lending, financing, and capital introduction resources. Through this work and running the Prime Brokerage Association (PBA) we have learned a lot about this niche of the hedge fund industry and have released an e-book on prime brokerage which may be downloaded now at PrimeBrokerageBook.com

Hedge Fund BookHedge Fund E-Book: Our first book was the Hedge Fund Blog Book, also referred to as the Hedge Fund E-Book, this text has been downloaded well over 70,000 times and over 100 new professionals download this resource each day. To get your copy today please visit HedgeFundsBook.com.

Hedge Fund Marketing BibleHedge Fund Marketing: To be released in Q1 2011 this text will cover dozens of aspects of hedge fund marketing and capital raising providing concise checklists of action items for those responsible for raising capital for their hedge fund. This book will cost $77-97