Hedge Fund Training

We can help you complete hedge fund training for yourself or your whole team. We have provided training resources to over 3,000 professionals including hedge fund principals, third party marketers, students, consultants, and other industry professionals.

Hedge Fund Premium: Video Training Platform: Hedge Fund Premium is the #1 most popular hedge fund video training platform in the industry with over 60 educational videos and 400 members it is a popular resource for hedge fund professionals and CHP Designation members. To learn more about this platform and see how inexpensive monthly membership dues are please visit HedgeFundPremium.com

Hedge Fund Marketing Mechanics: Hedge Fund Marketing Mechanics started out as a series of seminars but is now being offered as a DVD/Audio CD/WorkBook training package. Within this package you receive 2.25 hours of hedge fund marketing training instruction in both video DVD form as well as Audio Form. You always receive the worksheets from this training seminar, the PowerPoint used during the seminar and a free ticket to our next Hedge Fund Marketing Mechanics Seminar in a city near you. Right now we are offering this seminar in New York, Chicago, San Francisco,Dallas, and Miami. To learn more about this package please check back on this webiste in late June 20010.

CHP Designation Program: The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) Designation Program is the #1 most popular online hedge fund training program. To date over 650 hedge fund professionals have entered this program and some employes are now asking for applicants to hold the CHP Designation. To learn more about how you could complete this training program please see the Hedge Fund Designation page of this website.

Hedge Fund Startup KitHedge Fund Startup Kit: In 2010 our team is releasing the Hedge Fund Startup Kit, a turn-key tool for traders and portfolio managers who are starting a hedge fund but need guidance on setting up the business, hiring, selecting service providers, raising capital, and identifying seed capital sources.

Hedge Fund Marketing MaterialsHedge Fund Marketing Materials: In 2010 our team is releasing a product called Hedge Fund Marketing Materials Template, which provides hedge fund managers with 7 pitch book PowerPoint templates which they may customize to use to raise capital for their own hedge funds.